The Travels of Reb Schneur Zalman Mendelovitch is an ongoing project, co-created with Shahar Fineberg.

An experimental comix strip in the form of a scroll, describing the imaginary adventures of Reb Mendelovitch in a chaotic, politically unstable world. The protagonist is based on Schneur Zalman of Hebron, an orthodox artist, a HABAD rabbinical envoy who had traveled around the world, and the author’s great-great-grandfather. The 11 chapters of the comix were published on Tohu Magazine on 2017-2021. The project also include printed editions of the comix, performances and an album of songs from the comix.

Fulll view on Tohu Magazine

The Travels of Reb Mendelovtich exhibition poster, 2018.
Chapter V – Silkscreen print, 200x8cm, 2018.
Chapter I – Ink on paper, 6x170cm, 2016.
Reading view on Tohu Magazine.
We Wish To Wash, from the Mendelovitch Songs album.