The Travels of Reb Schneur Zalman Mendelovitch is an ongoing project co-produced with Shahar Fineberg, published on Tohu Magazine.
It recounts the imaginary adventures of Reb Medelovitch – a figure based on Schneur Zalman Mendelovitch, a painter and member of habad who has travelled all over the world.

The story is surreal and anarhic, and is inspired by Yiddish and Hebrew litterature. The drawing takes the form of a scroll, and its style draws from Jewish art, miniatures and calligraphy throughout the ages, as well as from contemporary comics.


We follow his imaginary travels from chapter to chapter in the comics strip, as he wanders through countries and ages, from the Great Indian Rebellion to Akre during Napoleon’s siege and Victorian London.

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Printed Editions

Chapters 1-7 were published in a limited silkscreen edition printed by Gallery HarEl
Chapter 1 was published in a limited edition  by GnatPublishing and Tohu Magazine.


The Mendelovitch Songs

An ongoing series of registered songs inspired from the comics, online on Tohu’s youtube channel

More information:

Article by Camea Smith on Telavivian Magazine. (English)

Article about the project on i24news (French)